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We Promise

The Commercial Ventures Way

Owning one’s business is very much a part of the Canadian Dream. The realization of that Dream requires the investment of all of one’s resources; money, time, dedication, and, indeed, a complete change in one’s lifestyle. Operating a successful business is an all consuming task, the success or failure of which has far reaching ramifications for the individual entrepreneur and his family. It is not an endeavor to be taken lightly.

We, as business brokers, have a unique opportunity to help people realize their Dream. Such opportunity imposes obligations beyond those of ordinary commerce. It imposes grave social responsibility to which the business broker should be dedicated.

The business broker must strive to maintain and improve the standards of the profession, and share with fellow brokers a common responsibility for the profession’s reputation for excellence and integrity.

In the interpretation and satisfaction of these obligations, the business broker can take no safer guide than that embodied in the Golden Rule: “To treat others as you would wish them to treat you.”

Commercial Ventures Mission Statement

Accepting this standard as a guide for all our activities, with clients and with one another, we adopt the Mission Statement

  • To dedicate ourselves to the philosophy that our product is service, and to provide that service to all of our clients
  • To recognize that business brokerage is a profession and full-time career
  • To keep informed of all pertinent laws, rules and regulations, business trends and other information essential to serving the needs of our clients
  • That our clients’ needs and information will be handled professionally and confidentially
  • To keep our clients advised at all times of the status their affairs entrusted to us
  • To deal with our clients in an honest, fair and straight-forward manner at all times
  • To deal with our fellow employees and business brokers in an honest, fair and straight-forward manner befitting our profession

Calgary, Alberta


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