Whether buying or selling a small Canadian business, we are here to help you navigate the process.


Buyer services

Transaction Advisory

Buy-side Coaching

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Seller Services


Valuation Services


Offering several Valuation solutions we make sure you get the right advise for the needs and size of your business. Need a chartered business valuator? We work with the best!


Market Preparation


Are you ready to “Go to Market”? We help you understand the questions that will be asked and what you will need to have prepared in due diligence.


Buyer Identification


Who are all of the potential candidates to buy your business? We help you understand who they might be and the different categories they fall into.


Transaction Advisory & Due Diligence


When it’s time to receive offers, work with a Transaction Advisor to help you navigate negotations, the contents of the Letter of Intent (LOI), deal structuring and terms. Let an experienced advisor walk you through what should be included in your deal and what might be missing while acting as your guide through the due diligence period.


Build-to-Sell Advisory


Understanding the process and stages of a sale can be half the battle. An advisor will work with you, one-on-one, to help in early stage preparation to better position you for entertaining buyers and work with you to highlight and refine the elements of your business that maximize value.


Group Advisory


You don’t have to go it alone. Meet other business owners navigating the years, months or days prior to a sale. Confidentiality among peers is highly respected.


Workshops; Exit by Design




It’s not too early to start planning


your exit. Call us to find out why.




Business valuation

Understanding the fair market value on your business is essential. Commercial Ventures works with qualified valuation professionals to determine the current worth of any business.

A business valuation can provide information for decision making on:

  • The sale of businesses for assets or shares
  • Partnership buyout
  • Transactions among related parties
  • Divorce
  • Estate planning
  • Exit strategies
  • A forced sale due to circumstances such as health, divorce or partnership split
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Growth
  • Wealth Management
  • Financing

Commercial Ventures helps BUSINESS owners transition their legacy.

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