About Us

We are a boutique consulting & Intermediary firm, devoted to helping small Canadian businesses transition their ownership from one party to another. We operate a holistic business model to support the successful transition of sustainable businesses so that they may continue to thrive, long after they’ve left the hands of their founders.

Mission Statement

In supporting business owners, it is our mission to provide early access to information around exit planning now and in the years prior to a sale so that they may understand the process and proactively position themselves to meet market demand.

In support of purchasers, it is our mission to help them source mature businesses who are prepared to sell and provide services through to closing. Purchasers may be individuals seeking first time business ownership, companies looking to grow through acquisition, search funds, or private equity groups.


Elizabeth MacRae


Elizabeth MacRae Short Hair
Elizabeth MacRae coordinates a team of consultants with expertise in business valuation, transaction services, project management, business development, marketing, communications, and sales. Together they work closely with lenders, coaches, financial planners, legal, and accounting professionals to ensure their clients have a holistic support system. It is said that it takes a community to raise a child, so too does it require a collective to transition a business from one owner to the next.

Following the sale of her automotive franchise Elizabeth was mentored by the late Pam Ryan, who introduced her to the sector of small business transaction services, known as Business Brokering. Since taking on the role of President she has grown the company into a collaborative model, offering an “A La Carte” menu of services and allowing Commercial Ventures to cater to the individual client based on their needs and the size of their business.


Karla Helm

project manager

Karla Profile Picture 2
As a business owner herself, Karla Helm understands the importance of having the right advisors that have an established and connected network to assist in a business sale or purchase. Working closely with the team, Karla organizes and manages the minutest of details ensuring an efficient process throughout a business’s experience with Commercial Ventures.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Karla is committed to the Commercial Ventures mission of supporting Small Business owners during the transition out of their business, while supporting their successor on the way in.


Brigitte Legault, BBA

TRANSITION consultant

After an arduous exit from her own business, Brigitte spent several years with the Calgary based
non-profit organization; Momentum, helping entrepreneurs plan and launch their new ventures.

Having experienced each phase of the business life-cycle herself, she has come full circle; now
supporting business owners in being proactive in their exit approach. She is passionate about
entrepreneurship and understands that planning your exit is just as important as your initial
business plan.

“Business owners’ stories fascinate me. When they reach the point of preparing to sell, it is a
vulnerable time in their journey. I want to help make the transition as uncomplicated as possible.”


Jon Hudson, CFA

senior advisor

Starting his early years in Winnipeg and finishing them in Edmonton, when Jon wasn’t in school he sought adventure climbing 11,000 ft mountains or taking scuba diving to extreme depths.

Attending University of Alberta, Jon found a passion for numbers, earning a bachelor of science with specialization in mathematics and finance, while at the same time starting his pursuit of, and later obtaining his Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Jon started trading with a large Canadian fund before making the move to advise on private transactions with a successful boutique firm. Helping business owners navigate the complexity of business is what Jon does best. He takes the time to develop comprehensive knowledge of your business, your industry, and your potential.

Jon spends as much time as possible chasing outdoor adventures with his wife and dogs.


Who we serve

Our typical Client

We typically work with businesses who have top line revenue between $500K and $5M, or EBITDA less than $1M

Businesses below this benchmark will often utilize us for Sell-by-Owner consulting or partipate in our education programs.

If your business generates revenue greater than $3M we have excellent referral partners who we can make an introduction to.

We encourage you to connect with us for a telephone call or coffee consultation. There is no charge for the light introduction. It’s important that a future relationship begin as a mutual fit.

If you are Seeking an Acquisition please contact us to schedule a Discovery Call so that we may better identify your needs. Not all of the opportunities we represent are promoted on our website so please register to join our network.

Calgary, Alberta