About Us

Commercial Ventures is a boutique consulting and intermediary firm, supporting ownership transitions in small business.

Our philosophy is two fold; Education & Collaboration. Selling a business or transitioning ownership is a major undertaking.  We believe that educating ones’ self early on, while assembling a knowledgeable team around the business and owner, are integral to success.

It’s never too early to begin designing an Exit Strategy. Through our workshops and consulting offerings we promote; When to begin, Who to involve, and the Timeline that is involved in each phase of the ownership transition.

It is our commitment to support small business owners with having the right information, resources, and advisory team to transition them out of their business gracefully and profitably.

Elizabeth MacRae


Elizabeth MacRae Short Hair
Elizabeth MacRae heads a team of consultants with expertise in business valuation, project management, business development, marketing, communications, and sales. Together they work closely with lenders, coaches, financial planners, legal, and accounting professionals to ensure their clients have a holistic support system. It is said that it takes a community to raise a child, so too does it require a collective to transition a business from one owner to the next.

Following the sale of her automotive franchise Elizabeth was mentored by the late Pam Ryan, who introduced her to the sector of small business; Transaction Services, also known as Business Brokering.

“I know first-hand the uncharted waters of trying to sell ones’ business, and knowing what I know now, I would have operated and grown my business differently from day one. I am passionate about entreprenuership, it is my home, and these are my people.  It lights me up to be part of the transition between owners. Knowing that our efforts have allowed the previous business owner to move on, and being witness to, what is most often a first-time business owners’ experience of entrepreneurship, is truly an honour.  I am devoted to small business and the people we serve.”


Laura Harrison

Business Development

Laura Harrison
Selling her first business in her early twenties, Laura Harrison has been on the front lines of small business for over 10 years. Laura has founded and co-founded three successful businesses in hospitality, marketing and service-based trade industries. She has personally experienced, the difficulties of navigating the transition season. Laura brings extensive experience from the owner perspective, a multi-industry network of buyers, and a strong analytical skill set with training and experience in project controls, project management and financial analysis.



Karla Helm

project manager

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As a business owner herself, Karla Helm understands the importance of having a broker that has an established and connected network to assist in a business sale or purchase. Working closely with Elizabeth and a team of consultants, Karla organizes and manages the minutest of details ensuring an efficient process throughout a business’s experience with Commercial Ventures.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Karla is committed to the Commercial Ventures mission of supporting Small Business owners during the transition out of their business, while supporting their successor on the way in.



Who we serve

Our typical Client

We typically work with businesses who have top line revenue between $500K and $5M. Businesses below this benchmark will often utilize us for consulting or partipate in our education programs. If your business generates revenue greater than $2M we have excellent referral partners who we can make an introduction to. If you are considering a sale in the near or distant future we encourage you to connect with us for a telephone call or coffee consultation. There is no charge for the light introduction and it’s important that a future relationship begin as a mutual fit. If you are a potential purchaser please join our newsletter to be notified of future or current opportunities but please also contact us to schedule a discovery call so that we may better identify your needs. It is important that we know the details of what you are seeking and who you are. Not all of the opportunities are promoted to our network so it’s critical that we know what your criteria are so that should it arise, we are able to contact you directly.

Commercial Ventures Mission Statement

Accepting this standard as a guide for all our activities, with clients and with one another, we adopt the Mission Statement

  • To dedicate ourselves to the philosophy that our product is service, and to provide that service to all of our clients
  • To recognize that business brokerage is a profession and full-time career
  • To keep informed of all pertinent laws, rules and regulations, business trends and other information essential to serving the needs of our clients
  • That our clients’ needs and information will be handled professionally and confidentially
  • To keep our clients advised at all times of the status their affairs entrusted to us
  • To deal with our clients in an honest, fair and straight-forward manner at all times
  • To deal with our fellow employees and business brokers in an honest, fair and straight-forward manner befitting our profession

Calgary, Alberta