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At Commercial Ventures our Certified Exit Planners ensure you have a viable, profitable plan in mind when it is time to exit your business in Alberta. We serve business owners in Calgary, Edmonton and and Western Canada.
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What is an Exit Strategy?

Our Cerified Exit Planning Advisors provide a solid business exit plan that helps you meet your goals. Your exit strategy is key to a smooth transition whether you are passing on the business to new leadership, selling, or have a very specific plan in mind. It ensures every aspect of selling or closing a business is considered, laying the groundwork needed to establish value. An effective exit plan considers the personal, financial and business implications of transitioning your business. It can also help your business take a new direction as your goals or personal situation change.
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Why You Need an Exit Strategy

Simply put, Commercial Ventures Certified Exit Planning Advisors ensure you maximize profits and minimize losses. The right strategy ensures you optimize your outcomes, regardless of business size.
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How Does an Exit Strategy Help?

An exit strategy allows you to maximize the value of your business.  It helps in many ways including:
Business decisions with purpose: An exit strategy puts goals in place, so you are always making strategic decisions to help meet those goals.
Commitment to building value: You become more aware of the importance of building value to maximize profits, so you are always in a better position to sell.
Creating a lucrative sales channel: Your exit plan sets the foundation for a well-prepared business that is more attractive to sellers who see you have a tangible plan for growth and profits.
Smooth transitions: Regardless of your plan, an exit strategy keeps leaders and employees informed so they are more likely to remain on board for a smoother transition.
Avoid negative outcomes: Your exit plan helps avoid decreased performance upon owner transition 
Prepared to meet your goals: Once you leave, your exit strategy contributes to your future success by offering a plan post-sale or closure.
Effective Tax Management: Keep as much money in your pocket as possible through proper tax structuring
Our team helps you develop an exit strategy offering options designed to meet your future goals.
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What Does an Exit Strategy Include?

Our Certified Exit Planners first assess your business and then prepare your exit plan. An effective exit plan includes:
Personal and financial readiness assessments
Professional services alignement
High-level tax analysis
Deep dive analysis into human, structural, customer and social capital of the business
Deficiencies in the business
Determination of exit timeline and valuation goals
We consider how your company will succeed under new leadership. When selling, the future performance of the company and the impact of the change of ownership on clients, suppliers and employees are also considered. Exit planning provides strategic change management ensuring the new owners succeed while minimizing stress and negative financial impact on you.
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When to Plan Your Exit Strategy

It’s never too early to start planning your exit. Ideally, you should implement your exit strategy at least 3-5 years before you plan to sell or close. We can also help due to a forced sale if you face health issues, divorce, a partnership split, early retirement, or whatever your specific situation entails.
Set up your free meeting with our Exit Strategy Consultants to find out how we can help plan your exit in Calgary, Edmonton or surrounding areas.
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