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Alberta Business Valuation Calculator

Our free Business Valuation Calculator is an easy way to get a rough idea about your business value in the Calgary, Edmonton or Alberta area and what it would sell for in today’s market. Once we understand the current value of your business our Certified Exit Planners will collaborate with you to create an exit strategy that meets your goals.

Who Uses the Business Valuation Calculator?

A business valuation in Calgary or Edmonton can provide information for decision making on the following pivotal changes in your personal or business life:
Retirement Planning
Family Succession Planning
Estate planning
A forced sale due to unforseen circumstances 
Value Acceleration 
Partnership buyout or conflict
Exit strategies
Strategic planning
Wealth management
The sale of businesses for assets or shares
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Why Use the Business Valuation Calculator?

Valuations are not just a part of an exit strategy; they serve many purposes including:
Preliminary price determination for buying, selling, or merging a business
Business improvement tool
Business value calculation for estate tax and financial planning purposes
Obtaining and maintaining financing
Stock option, employee stock, and other incentive plans
Succession strategy
A business performance check
Adding new shareholders, setting prices for new stock purchases or buy-back
Research into the feasibility of management or leveraged buyouts
Conducting due diligence
Valuation of business spin-offs
After your valuation is complete, you can move on to the next step: A professional Broker Opinion of Market Value (BOMV).

How Much Is My Alberta Business Worth?

Using our valuation calculator is the first step to understanding your company’s value.  The calculation provides a jumping-off point for selling your business, or to help when researching your company’s worth. Our sister company Alberta Business Sales collects metrics that help accurately predict the future cash flow and value of your business including the following:

Compensation paid to owners
Level of financial risk and adjustments based on discounted future cash flows
Marketability factors
Business Valuation

What is a BOMV and Why Do You Need One?

A Broker Opinion of Market Value (BOMV) is the estimated value of a business based on a business broker or other qualified individual’s expertise. Once you have your ballpark value, our consultants can provide a personalized, in-depth business valuation specific to your business. 

Our team can provide a detailed evaluation factoring in tangible assets like real estate, inventory and equipment, and intangible assets that are more difficult to price. We look at all aspects and metrics specific to your business in Alberta and market conditions to provide the current, true market value of your company.

Whether you want a more accurate number, or would like to understand how to increase value in your business we're here to help.

Take the first step in understanding your company's value and use our free Business Valuation calculator. You can also reach out to our team to set up your BOMV or a free initial consultation in Calgary, Edmonton or any of the surrounding areas.
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