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Selling Your Business or Seeking an Acquisition can be a life altering event. The preparation for either venture requires careful selection of the people you will work with and a clear understanding of the process.

 Our team works collectively to ensure you are equipped to move through each phase of your exit or acquisition with ease.

COMMERCIAL VENTURES specializes in Small Business Exit Planning & Transaction Services.

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“Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” — Oprah Winfrey


EDUCATION is a pillar of our service delivery. We present regularly to public and private business groups, tabling the conversation of Exit Planning, Growth through Acquisition and the unpredictability surrounding these topics. Please Contact Us to speak at your next event!


WORKSHOPS are held regularly for owners anticipating an Exit within the next 5 years.  Content reviews valuation methods, deal structures, financing, the buyer perspective and the 5 stages of every exit.

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VALUATIONS whether you require a Valuation Report from a Chartered Business Valuator, a current Market Value, or a Planning Report to understand how you; “Build to Sell”, we have solutions that meet your needs. Take the free Value Builder Score to get started.



BUILD TO SELL, work with a Growth & Transition Advisor to design the roadmap for the next few years as you plan for the next phase in your business. Whether it be family succession, selling to management, third-party sale or growing the business through acquisition before an eventual exit, our advisors are experienced in dialling in on where your business is today and helping you plan for the future.





TRANSACTION ADVISORY SERVICES are available for those who are approaching or engaged at the offer letter stage and require support on; negotations, deal structuring, terms and due diligence navigation.


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